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Hello, fellow community members !

A few days ago, I was mentioning how didn’t sell any Khadas products, but much to my Avail, It seems like I was wrong, Yesterday while I was strolling the aisles of the e-market, I came across this :open_mouth:

It seems like youyeetoo is selling it here, but it does look a bit more expensive, considering that the Tone board is 100$ msrp, here it is listed equivalent to about 115-116$, bit higher probably due to low quantity shipping, but otherwise I am happy to see that something is being sold :slightly_smiling_face:

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buddy, how can I help you in this matter? I will try to

on this link the discount goes to 40%!

Are you selling Khadas products on ?
I don’t need any help, I am just showing the Khadas products exist on sold by another person…

That is just a sham, the MSRP of the Tone board is 100$, as I said above

You need to convert Rupees to Dollars, then you will see the actual price…

no, buddy, but I want to support you in this matter!

No problem mate, I am just showing the fact that it exists…

never mind, this is the law of business

as I said before, if you want actual prices for goods from Khadas, you probably need to buy from official Khadas stores.

You can mark it as a resolved issue and close the topic!


This is not an issue, this is just a statement of fact,
You have confused me altogether :sweat_smile:

i didn’t even try, buddy

I think it is very reasonable if you compare customs and international shipping.
Mosting customs is very high in India, so according to my knowledge $15 markup is not too much.

Yeah I guess, in that case it does have a equivalent price, but it is only viable option to get it from them if we need a single piece, if we need multiple pieces the price adds up… which makes the other options a bit cheaper… ,

also in Indian customs If your package is marked as development product (engineering sample) there is no customs tax at all, Infact your package might get priority and get shipped out faster…