Khadas problem with coreelec start

Which Khadas SBC do you use?

khadas Vim3

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

android and coreelec

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas official images

Please describe your issue below:

Hello, i have used coreelec since two years (in usb), but i had problems (few weeks ago) to load coreelec after restart it. Sometimes, it load coreelec, others load android.
Now, it only load android (installed in emmc)

I have create other new usb with coreelec (9.2.3/9.2.8) with renamed dtb. I shutdown the khadas and press power button, the push reset and release power button after 5-10 seconds, but it only show Android Recovery Screen.

I do not know if i need update android to the last version. I have donwload it but how i update it?

I need help, thanks


I have updated VIM3_Pie_V211220 and i get the same problem, it not load coreelec in usb, it only show Android Recovery screen.

What is the problem?

You do not insert coreelec boot disk. Can the Android system enter the desktop normally?

I probe the same usb pendrive (with dtb changed) in gt king tv box, and the coreelec start correctly.

Android work perfect.

In khadas, only show Android Recovery screen, when i use the upgrade sequence

  1. Power on VIM3.
  2. Long press the POWER key without releasing it.
  3. Short press the ‘Reset’ key and release it.
  4. Count for 2 to 3 seconds, then release the POWER key to enter into Upgrade Mode. You will see the sys-led turn ON when you’ve entered Upgrade Mode.

What can i probe?

I try reboot to libreelec, with the same result

@marpemim I had test it , it work normal.

  1. My andorid firmware is
  2. My coreelec firmware is
  3. Copy and rename vim3 dtb to dtb.img.

I have used coreelec since first day, but now it not load.

I have same android and coreelec version than you, and I have renamed the dtb. I do not know what is the problem, now