Khadas MIPI cameras


I’m checking the OS08A10 MIPI Camera for Khadas VIM3. Looks like the relevant documentation links (doc1, doc2) are dead. Can someone check it?
In addition, does the use of this camera with VIM3 need to install a driver or modify the kernel?
Is it possible to choose other MIPI cameras for VIM3? is there any compatibility issue (HW and drvier)?


Please check here: - Index of /products/add-ons/os08a10/

Already supported by 4.9 kernel image.

You maybe need to debug yourself.

Thanks for your reply. @numbqq

I see in the description of Khads VIM3 can support dual cameras. But it seems that there is only one 30pin MIPI interface, and the official 8MP camera is also a single camera. How does this dual cameras work?

In addition to the OmniVision’s OS08A10 used by your official camera, does Khadas have a list of other supported camera sensors?