Khadas Mind: Your Next-Gen Computing Experience

Khadas Mind: Your Next-Gen Computing Experience

Dear Khadas Community!

Today we have several huge announcements for you!

First of all, We are excited to introduce Khadas Mind to you guys! It’s a revolutionary workstation with a modular design that allows you to easily adapt to all your different needs by slotting into various external peripherals, such as the Mind Dock, Mind Graphics, and Mind xPlay; each peripheral fulfills different use cases depending on the user’s requirements.

Say goodbye to heavy laptops and embrace to the freedom and flexibility of the Khadas Mind. Whether you’re in a small home office, enterprise environment, digital nomad, content creator, architect, artist, interior designer, or just in need of a reliable computing device, the Khadas Mind is your perfect solution.

Here are a few key features that set the Khadas Mind apart from other laptop and mini-PC solutions in the market:

Khadas Mind:

  • Compact & Portable – Measuring just 146 x 105 x 20mm, Mind is designed to fit easily into your backpack, handbag or even coat pocket. Being so compact, it can easily be moved from your work desk to the conference room, or even taken with you back home!

  • Built-in Standby Battery – Don’t fear power loss or sudden disconnection, a built-in battery maintains the Windows 11 operating system in sleep mode for up to 25 hours if power is disconnected. In addition, you can quickly move from your work desk to the conference room without having to save documents and shut down your device; Mind functions just like a laptop in this regard.

  • Expandable with Mind Link – A super high-speed next-generation docking-interface, Mind Link enables Mind to dock with external peripherals in a modular way to expand it’s capabilities.

  • Intel i7 1360P – 12-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores, and max turbo frequency of 5.0GHz

Mind Dock:

  • 2.5G Ethernet – Super-fast 2.5 gigabit Ethernet for demanding server/NAS/media center applications

  • Inbuilt high-quality speakers

  • Provides power directly to Khadas Mind without the need for additional cables

Mind Graphics:

  • NVidia GeForce RTX 4060Ti Desktop GPU

  • Superfast 8-lane PCIe interconnect for extreme graphics bandwidth

  • Supports up to x3 external 4K displays

Future Expansion/Peripherals:

  • Mind xPlay

  • Mind Talk

  • Mind Studio Display

If you’d like to learn more details and get notified before its launch, please check the links below and subscribe:

Khadas Mind will officially launch on Kickstarter at 9 AM Pacific Time (PT), Thursday, August 24. If you’d like to learn more details and get yours when it’s live, please click the button below.

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Khadas Mind

  • i5-1340P:early Bird Price $599(MSRP $799)

  • i7-1360P: early Bird Price $799(MSRP $1099)

Mind Dock

  • Early Bird Price $129 (MSRP $179)

Mind Graphics

  • Super early Bird Price $699(Only 200pcs)

  • Early Bird Price $799 (MSRP $999)

Mind Link High-Speed Connector

Khadas Mind’s custom-designed Mind Link high-speed connector allows seamless switching between various Mind Ecosystem devices. When connected to Mind Dock, enjoy up to four simultaneous 4K displays and external speaker music playback. Connect to the Mind Graphics module for high-performance GPU and even more I/O options. In the future, a variety of Mind Link ecosystem accessories will offer even more choices.

Mind Ecosystem

Khadas Mind boasts a proprietary Mind Link high-speed connector, enabling seamless integration with various Mind Ecosystem devices. Connect to the Mind Dock for multiple 4K displays and external speaker music playback. Enhance your graphics capabilities with the Mind Graphics module, and look forward to an array of Mind Link ecosystem accessories for more choices.

Contributors Welcome

Everyone is welcome to become a contributor to the Mind Ecosystem, please apply via our website.

Dedicated Forum

We’ve also launched a dedicated forum thread for Khadas Mind. Feel free to ask any questions or seek assistance. We’re here to help anytime! Mind - Khadas Community.


Good work Team Khadas!!!

Will the graphics card handle running Solidworks 2023?

How about building an image using Yocto? With 12 cores and 32gb ram it should do good.

Will this boot from USB so we can install Debian or Windows 11?

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Thanks for your support

The combined performance of Khadas Mind and the built-in RTX 4060Ti in Mind Graphics should be capable of running Solidworks smoothly. The graphics card’s performance is well-suited for modeling software. Moreover, Mind supports easy USB installation for both Windows 11 and Debian.

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Thank you for responding.

What is the graphics chip in the stand alone Mind box and will it run Solidworks? I would like to be able to go onsite with one small device like the Mind and just connect to a clients monitor without having to carry along many parts.

Also, what about ssd storage capacity? Can the drive be physically removed?

Can the wifi be physically removed from the unit?

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Onboard the Mind is Intel Iris Xe graphics, depending on the Standard or Premium version.

Standard: i5-1340p w/t 80 Execution Units @ 1.45GHz
Premium: i7-1360p w/t 96 Execution Units @ 1.5GHz

Both of may just be able to open solid works and only view your designs, to do actual editing or any actual task you will most definitely require the need for the Mind Graphics.

Depending on your model:
Standard: 512GB PCIe 4.0 SSD
Premium: 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD

there is also an extra 2230 size m.2 slot with PCIe 3.0 x 4 Bandwidth next to it for your convinence for expansion.

Unfortunately not, the Wi-Fi module is soldered to the motherboard, and is not user replaceable. It is however the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard.



Great to see an Intel unit finally in the khadas family :+1: :+1:, hope it works our well.
Myself personally not a fan of Kickstarter but a company as solid as Khadas should be okie doki.

Lots of ram and storgae should be a winner.

Look forward to more detals…


Thank you very much for clarifying those points. We cannot have wifi modules physically connected so these will not work for us.

1Tb and PCIe 4 is very good.

Seems like great product and should do very well.

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Nice, it was great for a Linux work + SDK build machine for me.
But a bit to expensive for me at this moment!


With this hardware of 12 cores, lpddr5 and 4060 to, how well does this handle large 3D scenes of data in Maya and Houdini? Can this handle large scale simulations like ocean simulations, large scale buoy destruction, city generation? Normally I work with tower pcs running threadripper with 256 gb ram but always looking for portable alternatives if they can work for what I need.

@Lavitz01 I think it depends heavily on the scale of the workflow, the Mind can come equipped with the i7 1360p with a maximum of 32GB of ram and if paired with the mind graphics dock has the RTX 4060m GPU.

I can run a comparison to try to simulate close performance of the mind with my setup of an i7 12700H and a RTX3060. The mind has a slightly slower multicore CPU performance, but a much better GPU performance.

This is a sample from the blender example blend files for particle simulations, maybe not as high intensity as the simulations you have tried. But it runs easily at base power at 165 Hz (limit by vsync) on my setup here. so I think we can try much more intensive applications too.

The product has just been released and we need to see much more reviewers try to bring proper productivity benchmark, hopefully we can see some as the project progresses.