Khadas Mind sending requests to

What application is causing my device to reach out to Khadas servers? At first it was only the Mind that I purchased but now it’s causing my other non Khadas devices to reach out as well. It’s a bit concerning that something is propagating through my network. Please let me know what program to disable, to prevent this. (Note, I do NOT have the Khadas Mind app installed).

Would you please post the the PCAP data for that information. How do you know the other devices are also sending out information?

Also, what OS are you running?

Thank you very much for purchasing Khadas products.
Upon the completion of the MindApp installation, there will be data interaction with to obtain Mind information for driver updates.
In regard to your situation, please confirm whether MindApp has been completely uninstalled.
If there is still data interaction, please provide screenshots of the data interaction to assist us in further investigation.