Khadas m2x connection cable

Where to buy connection cable for khadas m2x (Khadas M2X
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Hello, The New M2X board shown in your link does not require a cable. It fits much closer to the VIM3/Edge-V than the original M2X board did and has less functions. The m.2 connector on the New M2X board plugs directly to the VIM3’s/Edge-V’s m.2 slot.
New M2X…

Original M2X…

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But I have old m2x… Where I can buy cable for old m2x?

there is no cable on either one, the old M2X has a flex pcb that wraps around and slots into the m.2 :slightly_smiling_face:

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In sticking with the Khadas nomenclature, there are two cables on the original M2X.

1.) The “Rigid-Flex FPC Cable for connection to VIM3 / Edge-V”.
This cable is only available with the M2X, it is permanently affixed to the M2X board on one end.

2.) The “VIN2VIN Cable” can be purchased separately from the Khadas Shop. VIN to VIN cable.

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