Khadas logo and red led

Khadas logo and red led that s all I got… I desperately search the means to make it works. I don t know if I m going stupid or if my Khadas edge v doesn t work. Please help me.

@Leandros welcome!,
did you modify the firmware (reflash with different firmware) and/ or you using more than a 15w power adapter for your device to power it ?

these factors may be responsible for your problem

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I recommend you again, and the main thing is to correctly flash your vim, use the latest version of UBT (sew on usb-cable), a correct and serviceable power supply, and a cooling system, all this should help you. Good luck!

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Thanks a lot, it s nice not to be alone. I ve already made a lot of tests but not enought. I will return here soon. I m waiting for delivery of passive heatsink and m2x. I will try to power edge v with other power supply than the khadas 24w USB.c. I will return here soon.

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@Leandros Does the logo not refresh after it is displayed on HDMI, or does it refresh every other moment ?

Have you re-burned the firmware?

I installed a cooling system, use the khadas power adapter…but erased the flash memory, reflash… modify the firmware. I have to do all from the start. My fear was that the Edge v doesn t work, but RK devtool recognized the CPU and flash memory. So I think it works. I flashed the board with Edge_Qt_V200908 but the only thing that changed is the color of leds, now when I start it, there are red and white ones.

What changes did you make ?