Khadas Guides For Interacting With The GPIO

The GPIO on the VIMs has always sparked my interest. I have used the GPIO pins, but only to connect to the USB2, SPDIF, 5Volt, etc.
I have never interacted with them from a software standpoint. I am not fluent in command line(Cli) on Linux or others, but can generally follow guides and directions…We shall see.:laughing:

As a novice in this area, I was glad to see Khadas Docs has added some guides to help with understanding how to get started on the VIM3.
For those interested, here are the links to the info and guides(from Khadas Docs, VIM3 section).
The GPIO Pinout.
How to access the GPIO.
How to use RPi.GPIO, used to control
the GPIO.
How to use WiringPi, a GPIO controller.


@RDFTKV You can try both with it . And tell us if you find bugs.

I intend to give it a go. However, any bugs I found would likely be caused by operator error. :laughing:
I am a total noobie in this area.:slightly_smiling_face: