Khadas Edge with battery - what exactly is needed?

I’m considering buying the Edge board (not the Edge-V!) for a pretty specific purpose (AR glasses portable adapter). The main features important for me are basically:

  • DP Alt Mode over USB-C
  • Slim package
  • Built in battery management

The Edge fulfils all these requirements, however… The documentation does not make it clear if the Edge requires the Juice module for connecting batteries or not. In fact the store very specifically points out that the Juice module is only compatible with the Captain and Edge-V units. The Edge has the exact same battery header as the Edge-V, so I would presume the Juice module is needed for it

So my question is pretty simple: what do I need altogether to get the Edge board running from battery?

A battery and connector.

If you check the Edge-V, it has the exact same “Li-Po Battery Connector” - but it requires the Juice module. The battery in the Khadas Store also has a standard 4-pin battery, which won’t work with the connector on the Edge.

Both devices (Edge and Captain) require the juice board, they only have a power connector, but the actual battery circuitry is on the juice board…


Thank you. This answers my question.

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