Khadas Edge-V with Captain Carrier Board?

Hello everyone,

I am a new member in this forum.

I have a Khadas Edge-V Pro and I want to connect 3 screens for my research topic.

In this khadas version,
I have 1 HDMI port, 2 USB-C ports and No Power Supply so I am using 1 USB-C to start my khadas so I need more ports HDMI or USB-C don’t carre.

Can I use the captain carrier bord to get more port ?

Thanks for your help. I will appreciate a lot.

@pacha2363 welcome to the community,
The RK3399 has 1x HDMI, 1x DP (over USB-C), 1x eDP, 1x MIPI-DSI ports,

Not sure if you can use all of them at the same time, or if the DP and eDP ports are mutually exclusive,
but you don’t have any more HDMI or USB-C ports for Video output, perhaps you can try out a USB3.0 to HDMI dongle, but of course this hasn’t been tested as, no one has tried using these many Displays so experience is a bit limited.


Hello, The Captain can only be used with an Edge, not the Edge-V. The Edge-V lacks the edge connector used to interface with the Captain.

Thanks very much for your reply.

One the characteristics of Khadas Egde-V Pro is the possiblity to use 3 screens simultaneouse.

So that’s possible to add a power supplier then I can use the USB-C Ports for 2 screens ?

Thanks very much for your contribution.

There is an alternative of Captain Carrier Board for Edge-V ?

sure, if you’d like to try that out, you can power the Edge board docked in the Captain carrier board, with a 12v barrel jack power supply :slightly_smiling_face:

The Edge is a SoM(system on module), a SoM is often used with a carrier board such as the Captain. The Edge-V is a full function SBC(single board computer). The Edge-V offers more features onboard than the Edge SoM does alone.
As a result, it is unlikely that a carrier board will be introduced for the Edge-V.

An extension board does exist for the Edge-V, the M2X and New M2X. However, the M2X and New M2X do not offer any features that involve displays or USB-C display options to the Edge-V, so likely would not help in your case. It will help in mounting an M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD to the Edge-V.
Note: The Edge-V has two USB-C ports, one is for power delivery only, the other is full featured USB-C with Display. So you could, in theory, have HDMI, USB-C and MIPI displays. As stated by Electr1, I do not know if this has been done in practice yet. Also, some USB-C ports can handle display daisy chaining, I have no clue if the Edge-V has that capability.

pacha2363 has an Edge-V Pro, Captain use is a no go

Oh I just realized that now, I got confused as to pacha2363 was asking if it could be done on the Captain board, thanks for the clarification.

Hello everyone, that’s my issue.

there is someone who already tested the M2 Ext on Khadas Edge-V Pro ?
I want the M2X or New M2X but I want to be sure it will work. thanks for your recommendation

Thanks very for your clarification.
What kind of solution you will purpose to me ?
The goals are :

  • connect 3 screens
  • connect a power supply
    at the same time working together.

hello @Electr1
So for MIPI-DSI ports, How I can use helpful this port for my project ?

@pacha2363 you can use the Khadas TS050 touch screen
with the MIPI-DSI connector,

the New M2X board will work with the Edge-v but you can only attach SSD or m.2 peripheral (not NGFF/ SATA SSD) with your device, cellular modem will not work with the new M2X and Edge-v

If three screens are displayed at the same time, it should not be possible because there are only two display endpoints—RK3399 platform has two VOP: vopb (Supports 4K) and vopl (Support 2K only).

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Add me to the list of those with New M2X(and original M2X) working on Edge-V Pro, both on Android and most Linux for Edge/Edge-V. As stated, only supports PCIe socket extension , but is 4 full lanes.

I thought this would be so, is the eDP and DP ports exclusively functional ?
if one is in operation, the other won’t function ?

It depends on which display endpoint you mount. Even if the same display endpoint is mounted at the same time, it will have priority.