Khadas Edge V-Pro and Upgrade Mode

I have an issue with a Khadas Edge V-Pro that I cannot put in upgrade mode.
I used the following documentation Edge1 Install OS into eMMC via USB Tool [Khadas Docs] with the provided DriverAssitant_v4.91 and AndroidTool_Release_en_v2.71.
I connect a USB C cable to my board between the HDMI and the USB port, then I double-click on the function button. But in AndroidTool_Release_en_v2.71, the board doesn’t go into upgrade mode.
I don’t know what to do anymore?
Can you help me?


Error in my description.
Yes i have do 3 times.
Help …

Confirm whether the USB cable is valid (can you connect to ADB)?
After installing the driver, do you have to restart the computer for verification?

Yes, the cable is Good.
Yes, i have restart.
BUT, I don’t understand, ADB is good for accessing from your PC with an Android?
I currently have no OS on the Khadas Edge …



You can try this method. If you still cannot enter the upgrade mode, it means that your PC system has not successfully installed the driver or there is a problem with the board.