Khadas Edge-V - Android 10 - Can't use TikTok app correctly


Anyone knows how to make some apps completely fullscreen stretched and run in landscape on Android 10?

I try to use TikTok app but it only displays a small portrait image in the middle of the screen.
You can also not use a mouse to swipe up to watch the next video which is frustrating.

On other Amlogic S922x devices the app is stretched horizontally and works correctly.
The like, comments,and other icons on the right side is shown correctly at the right edge of the screen instead of the middle of the screen.

App icons doesn’t show on the right edge of the screen and icons on the bottom of the screen are shown in the middle of the screen incorrectly on Khadas Edge-V Android 10. You can also not swipe up with an airmouse/USB mouse to watch the next video.

On an Amlogic S922x device, the app is displayed correctly and you can swipe up with a mouse to watch the next video.

I don’t know if there are settings from this doc(SDK/RKDocs/common/display) perhaps that can fix the problem?

Here is a link to the app

@goenjoy Please check how to fix the mouse swipe up bug and display the app correctly.
Hope you can solve it perhaps.