Khadas Edge Custom Android Pie Firmware

The Khadas ir remote has a bit of a weak signal I found out.
The area for the ir sender must be increased like on this remote with a round shape.
The DPAD also gets stuck sometimes or UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT sometimes register s 2 clicks instead of one.

Better to get an airmouse like this.

I added a shutdown menu to Settings - About menu that can work with any remote if using the RKTVLauncher with the blue background.


I use this one

Reboot, to put out, to turn on etc. etc.

Can you help to take a photo on the Wi-Fi antenna and check if the IR receiver is covered by the antenna:

Is this the best way it must be put?
Currently I have wifi antenna just horizontally bent on middle of PCB on top of heatsink with case on.
I will try this, maybe it can also help with wifi signal.

That’s the reason, the Wi-Fi antenna we shipped to developers and Indiegogo backers is still the old one, which with the IR receiver chip half-covered :smile:

It works but the IR Remote performance might not as good as new antenna.

Yes, it’s the best way and must be.

[quote=“mo123, post:16, topic:4536, full:true”]
The DPAD also gets stuck sometimes or UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT sometimes register s 2 clicks instead of one. [/quote]

I have no up down on dpad to get to shutdown in the basic default launcher…
Works ok all other places

Maybe even the case itself (plastic) reduces the signal level ?


Can we cut the piece in too much?

Can you specify more details on this :smile:


découper le morceau qui gêne

Custom Pie firmware v1.1 released.
See first post for details and the download link

Recommended to update since it improves a lot of things.



I’m testing right now.
for the new keyboard, I can not put it in azerty.
root app can not be used.
I like the normal launcher not the tv, he wants not to open.
keyboard in wifi, bug a can.


For the LeanKeykeyboard:
You can try to open an issue for the developer or email the problem.

If you want to switch back to the old keyboard, it’s called AOSP keyboard.
Go to TVSettings(Grey gear icon) then ’ Device Settings - More Settings - Launguages and Input
Now add French language to the keyboard, think default only shows English.
In the advanced settings, you can also enable it to show an icon in the launcher.
Make it the default keyboard.
If you type it will now use the old AOSP keyboard with Azerty layout.
I will post screenshots if you can’t find the settings.

I removed Khadas root method since it caused problems for lots of streaming apps.
I added a new root method with Magisk.
Please check the Useful guide for custom Pie firmware for how it works.
There will bwe a new Magisk Manager app in the launcher, just do full install to enable it.

You can install other launchers like Nova or Microsoft launcher, they work well.
The problem is, Google integrated the Recent apps screen into launchers now and not into the Android system since Android Pie, so if you have other launchers installed, it will sometimes overwrite it with a worse recent apps screen. Some other launchers might also have problems opening the appdrawer with an ir remote.
There is another launcher I use that is optimized for ir remotes but it’s from a different manufacturer, so I can’t include it for commercial use.
Some good launchers


New v1.1a Custom Pie firmware

If the download link doesn’t work, I’ll reupload it later.


Download is ok here


Download worked here too.



best firmware 1.1a that I could test in android pie.
the launcher, in fact he is well.
no crash for the moment, it looks good.

the root is ok, for titanium backup obliged