Khadas does not start and does nothing

apologize for my English, I recently installed Armbian but didn’t like the performance and using it and couldn’t uninstall or install another operating system, tested Android and it didn’t work.
Using 0OWOW it said there was no space, within the 00WOW settings deleted the emmc partition thinking it would work In a simple way, deleted the emmc and my khadas won’t start or boot from the pendrive/sd The program to install the systems on the computer does not work, it only goes up to 2%, Can anyone help me please, I don’t know how to use this equipment and was studying to do some projects In its current state, it has the white light on and does nothing and does not give any signal or blink.

You need to use USB tool from the khadas docs to flash emmc image to the board. Search the docs for Amlogic USB tool

I’ve already installed the drivers, tested several versions of the program, changed operating systems, I’m using Ubuntu 22.04 and nothing works

o q é q n funciona brather? eu tnh a edge 2 e tudo funca.