Khadas Docs User Resarch

We have received a lot of feedback on Khadas Docs for a long time, and now we have decided to refactor our document architecture. :grinning:

We hope that members of each community can participate in our survey to help us understand the needs of different users. :eyes:

Here is the link to the questionnaire:

This is our current document:

You are also welcome to discuss in this thread, or give feedback directly here. :kissing_heart:


Answered the survey - but think it is worth to mention some things here cause survey doesn’t allow to attach some pictures… So duplicating my feature wishes here…

1/. Left navigation bar need some rework - cause at first time I used it was a bit frustrating… I’ll show it with picture. On Mac Safari browser it looks like this

So it looks like a full menu and it is not obvious that user needs to scroll it down further to see extra table of content…

2/ As for other most wanted features - it is a search capability

3/ Another best option to further make docs system better and gain worldwide popularity - it to make documentation available in more languages it think… Perhaps community could help with a translation to other languages - kinda like wiki. Maybe give an ability to experienced community members add information to the docs - perhaps via GitHub pull requests as it seems to be based on GitHub docs engine.

4/ F.A.Q. will be also nice thing to help newcomers - perhaps it can be rendered from a tons of Information available in user/team members forum posts.

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I have also provided my insights in the survey and also would like a search bar feature (similar to one provided by sphinx docs), but other wise the UI is fine,

I also would be in support of this feature, would help the experienced among our community to help with ratifying the docs so it can be crystal clear


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@OldNavi We will redesign the sidebar. Your suggestion is very useful to us and we will take it into consideration

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@Electr1 Community participation is also a good idea, we’ll see how that can be achieved