Khadas Docs Upgrade

Our Khadas Docs have been upgraded and the new version of the docs is pushed out now. :laughing:

If community users have any ideas, welcome to discuss here. :smiley:

Ps: Some documentation links in the forum may be invalid. If you encounter invalid documentation links, you can @ Khadas users in the community.


Wiki style looks nice, any particular reason to update over old wiki ?

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The info using dpkg -i to install the kernel is missing. The instructions in the old docs had a typo so it did not work unless it was changed.

looks good, I did notice that one of the cad drawings found @ /products/vim4/cad vim4_m2x_wwan_pcba_3d_v12_220427.stp
is maybe of the v1 version of the expansion card? Is there an updated drawing with the m2/4g module attached?

To me it looks like the original information about STA/AP mode for the VIM4 is missing. It was available at VIM4 Wi-Fi STA/AP Mode [Khadas Docs] Where is it now?

Please check here:

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Maybe you can try the instructions from VIM3?