Khadas Discord group

Hi guys, I know some of us want to discuss some things, projects ideas, information etc. maybe even in real time voice conversation
So, I thought it would be nice to create a Discord chat with separate channels for different VIMs etc.

you can join the group here, wish it was created before :slight_smile:

Discord server:


another independent platform?

Maybe, It is for discussing things that might result in super long post threads, and more longer conversations :grin:

are you talking about some heated debate?

I think we should all be on the same platform

I agree but it might be a bit of a nuisance to the regular flow of the forum, u/SleepWalker and u/Spikerguy are currently working on the FreeBSD for VIMs and I am there for testing, I made it open so anyone else who wished to view it and try the testing themselves could join as well.

Nope, I said a long conversation not deep one…

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is there a group in the Telegram?

Nope… not yet :wink: that was actually our first plan, but for some reason, we couldn’t add contacts that weren’t in our mutual contact list.

Hello guys, just a quick update,
I have introduced user Tiers,

1.@Legendary - ->Highest Tier awarded to Members who have been a supportive part of our community,
Mostly the Members of the Khadas Team and the first 20 Top members of the Forum

2.@Epic - ->Second Highest Tier, Awarded to the highly active members of the community,

3 .@Member --> A recognized part of the community, awarded if we can recognize you name from the Forum :sweat_smile: (P.S no hard feelings :slightly_smiling_face:)

Also please try to use your Forum name as it will be easier to recognize you or atleast post your name once you join,

Thanks guys,