Khadas delivery services

On September 27, 2023, I ordered two Edge2 ARM PC products and the 30W USB-C Adapter power supply
After 9 months of waiting, I finally received half of the Edge2 order, but the 30W USB-C Adapter power supply is missing.
If I wait another 9 months to receive the other half of the order… Unfortunately, your services are beyond criticism.
I do not recommend anyone to buy anything from here

Being an online bully and launching a social shame attack on good folks will not get you much sympathy from myself or others.

Have you contacted them?

We sell online too and know exactly how the bullies work when they don’t get their way with sellers…

Even if they did make a mistake it is hard to filter out the real folks with a problem and all the scammers that claim this and that is missing from the order. So keep that in mind too.

I’m not an “online bully”, and to be honest, this is the first message of this kind and the last. I was very upset because it is the first time I order something, and the order is 9 months late, and when it finally arrives it is incomplete. If you also sell online, I think you know that the success of a business is not limited only to the quality of the products but also of the services. I wish you all success and I apologize for letting myself be influenced by emotions.

Selling online is all about price point, customer service and quality are meaningless. That leaves 80% of the online marketplace sales going to those with the lowest price on the venue.

No need for an apology, stuff like that is very frustrating. Do reach out to Team Khadas with a PM and see what happens. Hope you get it straightened out.


The statement “customer service and quality are meaningless” is a mistake that others have made and it is the sure path to failure. Any business that does not respect customers and is focused only on a low price has no chance of success in the long term. I contacted the Khadas staff, they were very kind, I think the problem they are facing now is organizational, but they are at the beginning and it is understandable.
And to apologize for the hasty comment, I made another order :slight_smile:
I wish you success !

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hi @ngradrian, thanks for reaching out to us and sharing your feedback.
It’s very sorry for the delivery time. We used DHL express for shipment but strangely the goods were not delivered on time, and we didn’t find out. There should be some mistakes in this process, we feel apology for this. We’ll resend you the missing goods definitely, please kindly keep patient with Khadas, our team will also contact you soon.
Please believe that we take every customer’s experience as a top priority and aim to deliver the best services.
Have a nice day!


Thank you for your answer and I wish you all the best !

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