Khadas customer service

I asked khadas for this and this was their response, is this how they treat you guys. I asked them for a khadas edge arm PC and a touchscreen: Hi, my name is Ibikunle Goodnesses, a young software developer and product developer, I am currently on a software program called G-kings Chat Alpha 001 using Android Studio and intelliJ idea and java I’ve been able to create the welcome screen and still going on to create sign up page, login page, fragments and lot more I decided to summon up the courage to ask if I can be given by any chance a khadas edge arm PC pro and a touch screen, I would need not to ask you if the dollar rate to naira wasn’t as high as 750, the khadas edge arm PC pro is 370 dollar making a total sum of 277500 in naira and I’m still in high school and don’t have that amount I would be so happy and proud to tell others about what KHADAS did for me, because my PC is lagging but with the description of your products it seems I would be able to work with it perfectly and in the future if I publish my app, I would surely honour for your kindness towards me. Thanks in advance. so I received this as a response

When I was a kid my first part time job was when I was 13 and had to lie about my age to get a work permit. You will not get very far in life looking for charity… A part time job will do you good, believe me on that one.

The problem is still how they treat their customers

If your pc is lagging how will you work on device support specially Android support which needs hundreds of gb data download and processing?

If you think you will use khadas device as desktop pc then again your wrong not app apps have aarch64 support.

You didn’t not show what is the reponse and whatever they replied it would be respectful for the thing you do for the community.

There seems to be no problem, stop trying to defame a company who may have declined your request for freebies. That already shows what kind of person you’re.

That’s a very high value request for a donation to someone who never contributed to the project and have joined the forum to just defame the brand.

I think you should do a part time job first as explained above.

Good luck.

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