Khadas Community/Forum feedback and improvements

Is it possible to add tapatalk support to the forum, tapatalk is much more mobile friendly, i prefer it when navigating forums?

Thanks for your feedback, we need research more info about Tapatalk first.:grinning:

One more thing, can you split a topic to be viewed in pages, for example 10 replies in a topic opens a new page, it would be easier to view it, especially on mobile phone browsers.

Hi, Tommy21:
Khadas Forum is powered by Open-source Discourse, and following contents from Discourse you might interest:

“We’ve drastically improved the behavior of the Back button that appears on the timeline — both on desktop, and on mobile. You will see a back button pop up more reliably when you scroll up while reading a topic, so you never lose your place. And if you expand the mobile progress bar, you now have full access to the timeline, just like on desktop!”

And Discourse also support iOS and Android Apps now, take a look here for further info.

Have Fun!