Keyboard shortcut to leave Graphical Env in khadas ubuntu fenix 1.4?

Does anyone knows which keyboard shortcuts allow you to quit the graphical Environnement in the khadas Ubuntu 5.4 fenix 1.4 ?

the traditional ctrl + alt + F1 … F12 does not work ?

it would be very useful to canceled some bad operations on the system

Thx in advance very much for your help

Just pull the power cord.

I am assuming that you are just “locked” up and not wanting to actually end the desktop manager.

If kernel is not locked up go in on the debug port with a ttl to USb adapter and restart it that way. If it is totally locked then only a power cycle will get it started again.

Please try this:

sudo chvt 3
echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank
echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank

The reason why I want that,
is to unblock my system, when for instance I have installed a package making the graphical Environnement bugging,
or for instance If you try to unactivate wayland to have Xorg instead. On this distribution it doesn’t work and you stay stuck in buggy graphical environnement without any solution to come back by simply rediting the file you have changed.

sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

then you restart with :

sudo systemctl restart gdm3

and you are stuck definitily without solution to reedit back /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

the rescue shell of OOWOW doesn’t help too, I haven’t found any access to my eMMC


sudo chvt 3

the systeme switches but the display stays blocked on the last frame in wayland environnement you cannot see the terminal on display

sudo chvt 1
or ctrl + alt + F1

bring you back to login screen

sudo chvt 2

is the normal graphical env it is okay


sudo chvt 3 ,… 6

let you stuck

thank you in advance for your ideas, help, proposals, solutions …

We are having better luck with XFCE in Debian 11 running lightDm on the AI64 boards (ARM64).

Easy way to find out what desktop manager you are running is

$ pstree | grep session

We are having better luck with XFCE in Debian 11 running lightDm on the AI64 boards (ARM64).

Do you run that on a khadas Vim4 ? if yes tell me where can I download the image ??? I guess you make the comparison with an other popular SBC :slight_smile: (I’m also an intensive user / maker / application industrial of this one)

But Khadas VIM4 has some huge performances in comparison for some topics… That is making it especially interesting.

ok with

$ pstree | grep session

I get this :

khadas@Khadas:~$ pstree | grep session
| | -2*[{gdm-session-wor}] | |-gnome-session-b-+-at-spi-bus-laun-+-dbus-daemon | | -3*[{gnome-session-b}]
| |-gnome-session-c—{gnome-session-c}

does it help ? ??

No, it is on a competitors board. I prefer the gnome desktop and used tasksel to install and change it over to gdm and that was a bad idea. Went back to their official image with lightDM and everything was back to normal.

If you need a rock solid desktop the VIM3 Pro with the 4.9 kernel (with X11 desktop manager) and NVMe is the best.
If you are building a headless LAMP stack server the VIM4 and NVMe with Ubuntu server is a good choice.

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