Kernel image misaligned at boot, please fix your bootloader

I have successfully built and flash ASOP in VIM3 at default kernel (4.19).
however whenever in tried to flash ASOP source with kernel (5.10 or any other kernel) it does not run or boot VIM3. i have built the kernel source as mentioned on kadas website.

There is a issue of “kernel image misaligned at boot, please fix your bootloader” which i figure out.

This warning is harmless and can be safely ignored.

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but the vim3 stop working. all of led does not blink. just blink on reset after that nothing. Doesn’t show anything on screen. but on default (kernel 4.19) it works well on android source.

This “error” is present in dmesg logs of every kernel I booted in the last ~two years (since the alignment check was added to the kernel). Your board (or image) may have other fatal issues - but this is 100% not the cause of the problem.