Kernel build 5.15


I would like to compile kernel from GitHub - khadas/linux at khadas-vims-5.15.y.
But I have problem, that I don’t have amlogic driver?

It failed that common_driver folder doesn’t exists.
(I find this configuration:

	bool "Amlogic Peripheral drivers"
	default n
	  this option is provided for control amlogic
	  drivers, if you want to use amlogic driver
	  please open it.
	  Note: All amlogic driver should be placed in
	  directory $(COMMON_DRIVERS_DIR)/drivers/

Where can I find this resource?

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Hi @Benek
There are some changes in the directory structure of the 5.15 kernel. execute the following command to pull the common_drivers directory.

$ cd fenix/build/linux
$ git clone

Thank you! I will try with this source.