Kali Linux Tools one click script

This one click python script allows you to Download
Kali Linux Pentesting tools to your VIM

Link for download:

Ubuntu or Debian ROMs are only compatible
WiFi Drivers are a must if you intend on using Wireless tools
Python 3.x
A few gigabytes of Storage ( 3 to 4 GB )

Use wisely,
With Great power comes great responsibility :slightly_smiling_face:

1.Go ahead and clone the Repo:

git clone https://github.com/ZephyrLabs/PyTools/

2.Navigate to the folder containing the Files by using cd

3.Execute the command:

sudo python3 KaliTools.py

4.The rest of the installation is inside the progam and is very simple:

And that’s it you can now use those Tools

Any Queries please tell me below.

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