Juice Board and LiPo battery


I want to run my Edge-V with a larger battery than the normal one. The battery also has 7.4V but no Molex connector. Now I would like to have the pinout for the Molex connector, but I find it nowhere and in the schematic for the Juice Board are also no details.

I am grateful for any help!

Hello, the below is from the schematic, is this not what you seek?
Information in the specs on the Khadas shop show a Molex 537800670 connector. Notice that part number on the picture.

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Thanks for your reply!

I have seen this schematic and was confused because normal 2S lipo batteries have only 5 cables for charging (2 for +/- and 3 for balance charging) and the molex port on the juice board has 6 contact pins.
The official LiPo also got 6 cables, so what’s the use of the 6th?

Sorry, I do not have the answer. Someone else will have to help with that.

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I figured out, that it also could be, that the connectors on the board are for every cell by themselves, so every cell has his own + and - pin. But then 2 cables of the 6, that come out of the Khadas LiPo would be useless, because of the 2 cells and not 3 . I purchased an Khadas LiPo and test, how the cables are connected to the cells and the Juice. I will post my result.
Thanks for help!

Maybe the remaining connections are for future use, such as 3S, just a guess. Maybe it is for a thermal probe or communication, again, just a guess. I do not have the JB or LiPo, so hard to know.
From the pictures on Khadas Shop, battery is using six conductors.
The schematic shows internally, pins1-3 are tied together to VBAT, pins 4-8 tied together to ground. Pins 7 and 8 look to be something other than cell connections, again maybe for thermal probe/comm in some examples.
Not sure how this would work to balance cells, maybe JB does not operate in balance mode. From the schematic, looks like JB treats a pack as a single 7.4v cell.
All speculation for me at this point.
Look forward to your findings.

pins 7, 8 are the mounting points of the connector


I see, thanks for the info.

Usually, the protection board of LiPo battery module with a thermistor wire, for Juice you can just use the P- and P+.

Have fun!


I have 18650 cells, which are connected in 2S2P to get required voltage. Each cell capacity : 3V to 4.2V so the battery pack voltage is 6V to 8.4 V.
Can anyone help me how can I connect this battery pack with juice board?


FYI and have fun:

@Gouwa Does it mean that I can connect for example 2s4p 18650 unprotected LiPo cells each of them Cell1 to pin1 & Cell2 to pin2 (VCC) and Cell1 to pin4 & Cell2 to pin5 (GND) and the battery pack must be loaded with an external battery management system with balanced/overload/overvoltage protection?

Is there a undervoltage protection that shutdown poweroff the board in case the cell voltage goes below 3V?

We only recommend the battery module sold on Khadas Shop, which with overcharge/undervoltage protection logic.


thx can you tell me how to monitor battery drain inside Ubuntu from the CLI? Is there a driver for this and in general how to monitor all the consumer to powerdown unneded subsystem in case of low voltage?