Issue list : Video, freezing, keyboard

I have a VIM1 PRO (16GB EMMC + WifiAC model) and in this post I would like to share with you all the problems I encountered during the various image installations. I’m happy with my purchase because I like this spirit of open source and the whole community in this forum always ready to dispense advice.

[VIDEO/HDMI output]
Difficult to display because during boot I have to turn off the hdmi monitor (I also tried with the TV) to tune the video signal or else it remains no signal.

With the emmc installation emmc of ubuntu 4.9 if I run apt-get upgrade from the command line when it comes to the chromium package the computer hangs and reboots itself. tried twice fresh installation.

With the image DUALOS Adroid + Ubuntu 4.9 while browsing with firefox in sites that contain fields for inserting text (like google translator for example) the _characters typed fast are not written.

With the image ubuntu kernel 3.14 in case of power-off or reboot it remains on a line like “waiting for wpa supplicant” and it takes 3 to 5 minutes for it to switch off.

I apologize for my English but I hope to have comments about these issues that I have reported.At the moment I use the image with kernel 3.14 and it is stable and I am satisfied for a 24/7 use.

Thanks, Mattia


What’s the screen monitor? And what’s the resolution?

If you use image V180531 you can try to disable the watchdog.

$ sudo systemctl stop watchdog
$ sudo systemctl disable watchdog
$ sudo reboot

Not sure what cause this. I will look into it.

I will look into it.


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thanks a lot.
soon I will do other tests and I will keep you updated

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