Issue About Linux Kernel Version at VIM3


I’m using VIM3.

I understand that khadas provides kernel versions 4.9 and 5.15.

Will there be any problems using the NPU even if I use a different version of the Linux kernel?
(ex. v5.4 or v 3.18)

Thank you

The Linux 4.9 and 5.15 kernel from Khadas are vendor BSP kernels. There is also NPU support in recent upstream kernels. You will not be able to use Linux 3.18 as this is way too ancient, and Linux 5.4 is probably not impossible, but not technically feasible as the NPU driver is a recent addition with dependencies on surrounding DRM plumbing that has seen a moderate amount of change since 5.4 and that will be a large challenge to backport. There is active ongoing development for the NPU in the upstream ecosystem so if you want to use an upstream kernel the latest LTS (6.6) or stable (6.8) kernel with current mesa will give the best results.

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This means that the use of Linux kernel version 5.4 in VIM3 is not recommended. Is that right?

Or does it just mean it’s not available?

The upstream Linux 5.4 kernel does not support the NPU so a large driver backport exercise would be required. There is no downstream Amlogic vendor (BSP) kernel for 5.4, only 4.9 and 5.15. Again, the latest upstream kernel (now Linux 6.9) will give you the best result.

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Hello @rrsd0613

For previous 6.1 image you can use the backport npu drivers.

And we will release 6.9 kernel with open source npu driver later.