Is Vim3L google play certified device?


I am thinking to use multiple VIM3L in a commercial order (with Android) and I am wondering if it has Google play certification ?

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Yes, you can download and use Google Play on this device.

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turn on vim and see what the Google Play Market is already worth :wink:

when placing an order, specify that you need a pre-installed android, there is also a pre-installed CoreELEC! there’s no difference, so you don’t have to reinstall later

If you mean using Google Play Store, then yes it works.
If you mean in Google Play Store Settings, it says ‘Google Certified’ then no.
No open-source Android device can get Google Certified status from Google, you will have to use an app like Magisk to make your device Google Certified.
But it’s not a problem since such status are only useful for phones that require to run banking apps or other sensitive apps.


If you want to get Google Play store certification on to work on devices that don’t already have it, you can use this service from Google to get certification on your device and rom. It does take a bit of time for certification to show up on said device and has to be redone every time a new rom is installed, and i do not believe that this will get you cast support, to have said device act as a cast receiver, but you are free to go ahead and test. I’ve used this on a few phones I’ve installed custom ROMs onto and this is safe.