Is there or was there ever a 922 Khadas SBC?

Was this chip ever used on a Khadas SBC?

Maybe, on some VIM3 prototypes, but changed to A311D prior to release. I think those two chips are pin-to-pin compatible.
More here.

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No, I don’t think they ever userd S922 on vim3 for costumers but maybe they did use it only for test development vim3 in-house.

For customers they only released A311d like @RDFTKV said.

Ahhhh thats where i seen it!

I was thinking i seen a Khadas board some where with a S922 but i could never find one forsale.

I have a couple of 4K amazon firesticks and the graphics on them look great. For some reason i thought they used the S922 chip and really wanted to try a box with that chip and GPU some one corrected me and said its not actually the S922 in the stick thats in the cube that the 4K stick actually uses the Medtek MT8695 With the PVR GE3000 GPU

That Soc is similar to that of The VIM1, maybe you could try to benchmark it :smile:

no, similar to vim3, only without NPU :blush:

That chip is a quad A53; it’s not even close to the A311D (dual A53 + quad A73)

I was talking about the MT8695 chip not the S922X,