Is there any Linux for VIM2 with wifi support running normally?



We know there is a problem with Ubuntu and VIM2 for the correct functioning of WIFI.

My question: Is there Linux with wifi support working properly (801.11ac, 2x2 mimo, etc …) to apply to VIM2?

I spent my last 7 days trying in all ways to make the wifi work on Ubuntu (server / mate) on VIM2 but there was no success.

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Hi luchina,

The issue is Wi-Fi upload speed is slow, but download speed is OK.

So what’t your problem? Can’t connect Wi-Fi? Can you provide more informations?




It connects normally, but the upload speed is extremely slow (an average of 150 kb / s) and the download speed, although slightly higher (an average of 3 Mb / s), is still low.



Hi luchina,

OK. Maybe you can try Balbes150’s Armbian images with kernel 3.14.29.


Hi @numbqq

I’ll try

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Hi People

I am using the Vim2 board on dial boot firmware and the WiFi is working fantastically.
I have made a conky which shows the WiFi and Eth0 speeds… as well as other things.

All working well for me.

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Hi @Deansmithok,

In which firmware? What linux? What were the download and upload rates?

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I am using the firmware "VIM2_DualOS_Nougat_Ubuntu-16.04_V171028"
I have also installed conky - see forum for link.
I see 23meg download on local lan.
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