Is there any Linux build (official/community/any Linux kernel) that has GPU driver, openGL supported?

I have read some topics by @pierstab about GPU accelerated test. But I think he’s not around anymore to ask about his build. So is there any other linux build for VIM that support gpu acceleration?

@numbqq are working the GPU hw acceleration on VIM, not works on frame-buffer mode, and X11 mode still not works yet, will keep research.

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yes the khadas vim works really good with the opengl in framebuffer mode,
also optimizing the boot process my image was able to boot from the internal flash and starts an opengl program that show some graphics in about 5 secs… :wink:

I did it on the ubuntu base kernel source and the ubuntu base root.
Also I did a build of libSDL2 for the khadas vim (with full support for opengl and sound).
The opengl SE worked fine, but I did some changes to the kernel code to keep it working.

But after that I had other projects , I was and I am really busy, and this project on the khadas vim is actually in “paused” mode.
In the next weeks if I have time I could push the code on my github or the image on some repo.



Did you released the code? Personally I don’t need X for anything and will be perfectly happy with accelerated SDL2.

Hi cftech,

We have added GPU fbdev mode support for VIM in the release V170831.You can have a try.


Do you have the source for the fbdev your using for Khadas Vim?

For what source code?

Yes for source code to make the framebuffer run better