Is there any documentation on the status of Linux support on the Vim3?

I know this is a new board and that support for the hardware is in an early state, but is there a list of what’s working and what isn’t with the Khadas supported Ubuntu images?

For legacy 4.9 kernel, basic on board fucntions are working.

  • Working:

    • SD
    • PCIe
    • USB
    • Type C PD
    • HDMI
    • Sound
    • ETH
    • Wi-Fi
    • BT
    • GPU - fbdev, no X11
    • Kodi
    • MIPI LCD (single display only)
    • TP
    • FAN
    • NPU (basic modules and libraries are added, can run simple demo)
    • SPI Flash (u-boot)
    • KBI
    • OTA
    • WiringPi (initial support)
  • NOT Working:

    • Camera (waiting for the module)

For mainline kernel you you can check the status here:


Thanks for the reply, I have a couple of follow up questions.

Is GPU support for X11 planned for kernel 4.9?

Since FBDEV currently works, can I use that for hardware accelerated Wayland?

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X11 is unsupported by ARM for the mali GPUs. There are efforts by a few developers to create mesa drivers. It is possible these will soon be ready for users.

That request is a year old.

And X11 is fully supported in panfrost for midgard mali gpu like T-8xx series while bifrost which is mali G5x series support is being worked on.

While mali-4xx series is supported by lima driver so support is being added and currently vim1 and vim2 have decent gpu support with lima and panfrost respectively. Vim3 will soon get supported in panfrost.