Is there an I2S output example

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Hello All,

I am trying to output from I2S. Is there any documentation on this?


@chandrian Android firmware 40 pin is configured as i2s output by default.

At present, you only need to refer to es8316 and add the corresponding codes.

common$ git log --grep="es8316"

commit bc1bdb7ebee07dfef5c57f712b8e747f7cf29f8a
Date:   Wed May 25 18:33:55 2022 +0000

    arm64: dts: VIM4: audio: modify es8316 for external small board (M2X WWAN)
commit d9ecd962b881b0f5397e4b5b57d2a7a1d1669990
Date:   Wed May 25 18:25:50 2022 +0000

    arm64: dts: VIM4: audio: Fix es8316 for 64bit sdk
commit 6b754f5c6846ad7dd59ebc623eabf89c00ada5f0
Date:   Fri May 6 16:20:17 2022 +0000

    Revert "audio: modify es8316 dts for i2c0&i2s2 from i2c1&i2s1"
    This reverts commit cb8315118a8d24daaea0ad2dfa915eee3b32a216.

commit 8687952b10fb1139ae1ebfa296dec44b146fcf5a
Date:   Mon Dec 13 11:26:46 2021 +0800

    audio: modify es8316 dts for i2c0&i2s2 from i2c1&i2s1

commit 9818c21459c088c0a4864f622d123bd28a24e67d
Date:   Mon Dec 13 11:16:00 2021 +0800

    audio: Add es8316 codes driver

Thanks for the reply. I will test that out when I get a chance.