Is there always a power limit yes?

I tried to check the status of MIND’s CPU etc. with “Intel Extreme Tuning Utility”. I’ve noticed that “Current/EDP Limit Throttling” is almost always set to yes. This is clearly different from other PCs I use. It may be a mechanism that prevents MIND from overheating. Is this not a malfunction, but the behavior that the designer intended?

Can we change it to No? Will it enhance the performance and burn the machine?

BIOS settings might be able to change it, but I won’t risk it. I respect the system designers’ work, and I don’t want to burn my MIND out. I’m also worried that if I mess with it, I might make a mistake and break something. Hahaha…

What do you hope to achieve, if you said NO.
Small form factor PC do/can have limits. as mentioned
Pushing the limits to beyond the Boundries may cause grieff and let the magic smoke out.

As you mention you have seen this were this option can be altered on other PC
I Guess you are talking Decktop CPU, Ram etc.

Greetings! We sincerely appreciate your purchase of Khadas products.

We Sorry to inform you that, following an evaluation by our testing team, there are currently no plans to unlock higher power consumption on Mind2023.
If you require greater power performance, we recommend adjusting the power settings to High Performance within the existing version.
For enhanced single-core performance, we suggest disabling Hyper-Threading (HT) or disabling efficient cores in the BIOS.

Thank you for your support. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a message at any time.

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I’m just curious if it’s normal for Current/EDP Limit Throttling to always be set to yes even when the system is idling. Even if Windows is doing something in the background, the CPU usage is so low that I can’t imagine the MIND load is high enough to need power throttling. So, I’m just wondering if this is normal or not.
If it’s “abnormal”, I want the MIND team or the 555 MIND backers to know that this is happening and advise me on how to deal with it.
P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with MIND and I’m using it for business.

Well you have an answer of sorts…from Khadas_SaiKhadas Team

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Thank you, Robert, and Sai from KHADAS. I was slow to notice the response from the Khadas team. But you can simply say, “Yes, the electricity limit is working as designed, it’s normal.” When the KHADAS team told me, I was relieved.

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