Is there a VIM4 cluster case available?

Hey folks,

today I checked the ffmpeg performance of the Khadas VIM4 and I have to say that I’m impressed.
Encoding a 30 sec long 10 bit HDR 4k clip on my AMD 12 Core 3900x at 140 watts consumption gives me about 2,6 FPS. The same task on the Khadas runs with 1,2 FPS at 6,24 watts … That’s simply sick :D.

Now I would like to go a step further and build an encoding cluster out of several Khadas VIM4 systems. Is there any kind of cluster box, maybe also with an integrated switch?
Would be awesome if I could plug 50 VIM4 devices in one box.

Thanks in advance

This is one I put together with vim2 boards - you can have all the design info if you want it? Pretty sure vim4 and vim2 are the same form factor? Backplane boards did power via gpio pins so would have to change that to usb c connectors

Also did this one for vim3 VIM3 Crypto Currency Miner Build - #30 by birty that only has 5 boards but the design scales pretty easily as far as you can scale USB hubs - 127 last time I looked


@birty Hey, thanks for your reply, your build looks exactly what I was searching for. I’m using a Python lib called “Celery” to send tasks to Nodes, which they process.
Would be awesome if you can send me the stuff, does this forum support private messages?

Kind regards and thx.