Is there a device with HDMI input?

This may be a stupid question: Is there any device which also has HDMI input? Possible applications: overlays (pop-up on video, live wallpaper), augmented reality, recording, …

may be supported by another Khadas product line.

Toshiba TC358779XBG is a chipset featured as HDMI to MIPI DSI/CSI.

This would be very interesting.

Based on the 80 pin package, I assume the Toshiba TC358779XBG is a revision or upgrade to the Toshiba 358749XBG used with some RK3288 devices. I’ll have to compare data sheets to see what changed. Any hints?

Might the TC358779XBG be paired with an RK3399? :slight_smile:

As I known, Toshiba also have a upgrade revision which support HDMI 4K. More info at Toshiba webiste

And about current TC358 revision, one is or HDMI to MIPI-CSI, and other one for HDMI to MIPI-DSI:

  • TC358779XBG: for DSI, can be used to HDMI to LCD screen devices
  • TC358749XBG: for CSI, can be used to rk3288/rk3399 as HDMI input (signals to the CSI bus of SoC, TC358 just like a camera device in this case.)

As DSI one, it seem that used on Oculus VR products:

Interesting Gouwa.
Thank you for the information.

Can VIM3 connect to a HDMI-to-CSI interface bridge like TC358743 or TC358840? Is there Android driver codes available? Thanks

Hello, I had a UT3+ with HDMI input for pip and capture. It used a Toshiba chip to convert HDMI to CSI(?). The software that handled the Toshiba’s functions was not great on that box. Audio channel issues, no ALC for incoming audio. It was minimally functional at best.
I say that to suggest it may be difficult to make it work well on Android, from a firmware/software point of view.
I am interested in what you find on this subject.

Now VIM4 does have HDMI Input :slight_smile: