Is the VIM1 single-board PiKVM compatible out of the box?

Hi there, does anyone has experience with the vim1 and PiKVM?

Hello @disSulk

PiKVM hat is not supported on VIM1 GPIO.


hi @Electr1,
do you know if one of the khadas boards is able to do KVM (not necessarily PiKVM)?

@disSulk the VIM4 offers HDMI input capabilities and also has fast networking capabilities.

Maybe it might be suitable for KVM / Remote access applications.

What requirements do you need for your KVM ? The choice of board can be flexible if you have the right accessories.

I saw someone saying on a forum that the vm1 was kvm compatible so I wanted to have a second opinion

Could you provide a link to such thread ?

hey @Electr1,
yes, link from the PiKVM Project Discord in the #unofficial_ports channel.
what do you think of it?

Hi @disSulk

I am not aware about PiKVM requirements for running, re additional hardware accessories, capture card, etc. If you provide details of such requirements, further info can be provided regarding its support.


ok @Electr1,
I’ll report back if I get more details about it.
thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

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