Is the Governor available?

I have a different SBC made by a different board maker. There is a utility in the Android OS and one of the settings is “governor” and you can change how the board performs

Does the Khadas boards have this? maybe its in a setting im unaware of?

If its a tool where do i get it? if they are preset how do i see what mine are set to?

the governor is just a variable in the system kernel which allows to toggle through the different powermodes (performance, powersave, interactive, etc.)

you can use apps like kernel auditor to change the governor:

note: this app requires root privileges, so first root your VIM…

The default governor is Interactive…, you can check with others

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FYI, I believe all official Khadas firmware is rooted unless stated otherwise in the file name.

really? I don’t use root apps much, I’ll have to see today…

On my Edge-V, Root Checker app indicates “Root access is properly installed on this device”. Same for VIM3. Both are on A9.

Does Google help you answer questions? :grinning:

No, why do you ask ?

you yourself say that you do not use and you do not know, but there is an answer, paradoxically :laughing:

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Yes, my life has had many contradictions, it is just confusing for me… :sweat_smile:
please wait as I am checking both the things,
root and the governer…

Sticks after reboot on VIM3, so should be as I stated.

everything is correct, you need to go from the opposite, first you need to give an answer and only then check it yourself, it is logical :clap:

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well that’s funny, this is what kernel auditor gives:

And yes, it is rooted by default, I never knew that…

Yes, interactive is default. I set to performance using the app you mentioned, also others. I set minimum freq to the max value, and set the max freq to max value.

I recalled some users were asking for “unrooted” firmware way back when. :slightly_smiling_face:

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hmm, I never knew about the root till now…
Thanks for the info mate :slight_smile:

At least now @BowerR64 can know the default governor is “Interactive”

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I really want to know if there are any custom kernels available for the VIMs, (Optimized for performance and power saving) If there are any please tell me, I am willing to try them out…

What fun is a discussion board if google solves all questions? :grinning:

Maybe this was the issue i was having with my VIM1 and the 2 firmwares i had issues with?

The stock firmware (20020316) may of had the governor set to performance and then 20020317 was set to interactive?

As ive stated before, i can see why you would want these settings changable on a phone, tablet or laptop (batteries devices) but imo a device that is always plugged in why conserve power? I would prefer the peak performance all the time

I mean think about it, if i wanted a board slower then a vim3, just buy the VIM3L if your not needing the full power then why buy the most powerful board in the Khadas fleet?

We have trivial settings in the OS like LED blinking on or off, fan speed low-high so why not have the governor an adjustable setting as well?

You dont buy a ferrari for gas economy?

Remember that the processer like any common object, the more you use it the faster the thing will wear down, so it is better to use the speed when required and just let it take some rest while it is in Idle,

It doesn’t matter whether the processer is powered by wall socket or battery it is all about efficiency and speed…

In my opinion I would want to have the opinion to go as low of a frequency as possible and as High of a frequency as possible, that way, I will be able to have the best of both worlds…

Why not? I’d tune the heck out of one If I was able to afford one, but let’s not deviate here,
The important thing is how fast can we go for how little possible, so that we can go longer…

think of it this way…
If the device is more optimized with less power, think of the performance you’d get if the device has the capacity to use even more power ?

It should be our choice if we want it to last long and run slow then we can chose that.

Ide prefer to run it full bore when i need it