Is Khadas VIM3 fully programmable?

I work for a company which has built their set top box software based on android. I want to test that software. I want to know that if I can install that software in Khadas. I am asking whether the Khadas VIM3 is fully programmable?. It would be a great help if you reply. Thank you.

It has an open software environment. Whether that facilitiates your testing of Android created for another board will depend on a large number of factors; the major ones being Android version, SoC type, and what badly-coded dependencies on other hardware exist in your codebase (sadly rather common in the Android world). You really need to define what “fully programmable” means to you, as it has no industry-standard meaning.


I want to know whether I can install a completely customised android TV OS to the Khadas VIM3 if the hardware parameters you said are met or does Khadas only allow a set of programs which are already available to install.

It’s fairly open and many OS are available and ported by others. I believe you can flash and boot anything if you know how to.

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Sure, but this is going to require you to know how to create a completely customised AndroidTV OS for Amlogic hardware (working within the constraints of the Amlogic BSP). From the questions you’re asking it’s rather clear that you don’t know how to do that (as if you did, you’d be asking different questions). I’m not trying to be an arse - I’ve just hung around lots of developers who do that kind of thing over the last decade and in my experience those who know what they’re doing go look at vendor sources in GitHub and quietly get on with it, and those who don’t post in forums asking slightly obtuse questions on the topic.