Is Khadas DTV board supported in your Ubuntu image

Quick question,
I was thinking of spinning up a Ubuntu image to see if it would take over my server duties, but for this to work I would need driver support for the Khadas dTV board. Last time I investigated this hardware was only supported in Android and Coreelec. Can anyone confirm if this was ported to your Ubuntu images.


Sorry for that. Our ubuntu image didn’t support DTV board.

Thats a real shame, and a poor decision to not support your own hardware in the way that people want to use it.
The Android support is just useless as the software is not user friendly and the absence of the AC3 license makes it unusable in real life.
It was only the hard work of a community member who brought CE support and this has not been upstreamed to mainline and probably never will be.


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Thanks for your feedback.I agree with you. But the DTV board is a product developed by a third-party company, not by us.
They don’t have the plan to support it on Ubuntu. We will continue to feedback this issue with them.