Is it possible to increase the NPU power of Khadas VIM3?

is it possible for “Khadas VIM3 pro” to increase the NPU capacity by increasing? If so, how?

@Ruvejahu There is currently no way to do it

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Thanks. What is the cluster in this picture?
Снимок экрана от 2021-11-08 14-04-23

Is it 6 separate single board or is it 1 single board?

@Ruvejahu Where did you get this picture, I think it is 6 separate single board

@Ruvejahu It is 6 separate single board

Thank you, I understand. How do they connect? Through 30pin?

@Ruvejahu It may be shielded control through the network port

“…it may be”?
What does “… Shielded control” mean?

you can construct a cluster on the same network routed with the gigabit ethernet,
however this method of trying to get more NPU power does not scale linearly, rather it offers concurrency to the project in mind.

if you need more linear NPU processing power, consider looking into USB NPUs like intel’s neural stick etc.

for example: