Is it possible to autostart chrome on boot?

And lock the device to it?
It’s easy to do on Linux
But on Linux GPU is unusable.

I couldn’t understand well what you said. Can you describe it in detail? Thanks

Is it possible to run Android with only Chrome browser starting automatically on boot?
Like, you know, running startup service: /usr/bin/startx /usr/bin/chromium-browser --no-sandbox --start-fullscreen --app=""
on Ubuntu but on Android
So you can boot VIM and get only Chrome browser running a certain web site under Android? It is extremely important question for me as it will allow me to use VIM2 that eating dust on the shelf now because there’s no GPU support under Linux.

Is it possible?

Something like this should do the trick
I found them to be a bit flaky when I last tried using them - but there are many different ones out there so one should be available that will work.


Just use special applications.