Is dual/multiple boot possible on Edge 2

As I read the OS installations I can only make out that the oowow launches when storage is empty, then we can select OS installation to write to the in-built eMMC @ very first start. Few Qs around this;

  • Does that freeze the chances of using oowow after first OS installation?
  • How to launch oowow once first OS install
  • Is the dual/multiple boot possible? from bootable external flash or on eMMC partition and have 2 or more OS installed?

Hey there. After you select an OS to install in Oowow, if you later want to use the utility again, you just have to hold the middle “action” button, then tap reset while continuing to hold the action button. It will then boot back into Oowow and you can select a new image, etc.

Dont know about multiple boots though.

I think the answer will be with the io board coming with TF card slot

I think yes, but it doesn’t have multiple/dual boot menu for flash

But we can install different system to different storage, like
Android to emmc
Ubuntu to usb ( must be sd image )

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