Is charging circuit available on VIM3L

Hi ,

I have placed an order to get VIM3L.

I am going to use it as a battery-operated device.

My query is is there any charging circuitry available on SBC itself to charge Battery(connect on Vin) from either USB type C or any other form ?


no charging circuitry exists on the VIN port, you must provide your own external charging circuitry, I think I have given a basic diagram of how to do so on your first post, very simple charging circuitries will do just fine, like one using the TP4056

it provides around 1A of power so if you want to attach extra peripherals, make sure you get the output from the battery directly


Hi @Electr1,
Yes, I revisited that post and got it, thanks for this as well,

So if I do have one USB-C charger plugged in directly in USB power conenctor and parallel Battery is connected to Vin , in this case, does vim 3L have any priority for powering ?

I.e From Vin(Battery) and USB-C , who will get chosen ? (Not connected charging IC yet)


the VIM3 recently got some extra circuitry to elevate power priority for the VIN port, which I think already exists on the VIM3L, but I’d ask some one from the khadas team to verify that.

also note VIN doesn’t give power out if USB-C is connected, its purely the highest priority of the power input system (context: check the schematic for the power tree, you’ll see the VIN is at the top of the system)

Hi @Electr1,
Any news from khadas team on power circuitry ?


sorry no clue yet, maybe ask @goenjoy

Hi @Electr1,
Sure thanks.

Hi @goenjoy,
Can you provide any guidance here in this thread ?


@Totti please help!!!

1/Please confirm the hardware version of the VIM3L you have is V12 or V13?
2/the hardware version of V12: VIN=USBC;(The VIN connects directly to the USBC);
3/the hardware version of V13: Look at the schematic: