Is 85 Degrees Hot For The CPU?

Does a CPU get hot at 85 degrees? The kind of CPU, the surrounding temperature, and the cooling system are some of the variables that affect this. 85 degrees warm for a CPU, though. Although the CPU is among the most crucial components of a computer, other components sometimes go undetected. CoreTemp is a tool that can be useful in this situation if you wish to check the temperature of your CPU. How then do you know if your CPU is becoming too hot? The list of certain red flags is as follows: The speed of your computer is slower than usual. You’re experiencing more computer crashes. Your computer is overheated and is shutting down automatically.

@elihunter Generally, if the CPU exceeds 85 degrees, the frequency will be reduced. It will shut down and restart when it reaches 115 degrees. Normally, if the board is so small, heat sink or fan should be added.
To view the cpu temperature:

kedge2:/ # cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp
kedge2:/ #