IR/BT Remote for voice search


Is there any remote controller available on VIM and it supports voice search?

If not, what’s suggested steps to go?


Hi, Brad:
Currently, we haven’t develop a voice remote for VIM yet, but you can research common 2.4G USB voice remote controller.

And there are also some vendors like Xiaomi or LeTV chose the bluetooth solutions for their voice remote, it’s possible for VIM to support bluetooth voice remote, but need some work on that.

BTW, can you tell me why you need voice remote?

Hi Gouwa,

I want to enable GMS on VIM.
Meanwhile, I hope end user to use remote control to speak, and then VIM performs voice search.
It will be convenient for video search by skipping onscreen IME.


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For bluetooth voice remote, VIM needs to support specific Bluetooth profile.
Could you explain what Bluetooth profiles are supported on VIM already?

Is there any update or answer on this?

We have already bought the bluetooth remote and will debug for it .
We wiil release the docs when the bluetooth remote is work.

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That’s awesome. Wait for further feedback in near soon.

Today I bought VIM on gearbest , Hope I can use mibox’s bluetooth remote, after having the tutorial from @Terry :smile:

I’m not sure VIM will support MiBox’s BT remote, as we need add the BT remoter’s driver to support that.

Regarding the one we are working for VIM, we will got it for sale then.

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@Terry @Gouwa
I have VIM3 device.
Could I add ADT3 BT remote in VIM3 device ?

Below for ADT3 BT remote :