Iota is a next gen blockchain, what to do with it?

hi all, I am interested in blockchain technology in general, and in iota in particular,
i do not mean i want to speculate on the cryptocurrency to try to make easy money in trading. i am more into defining and prototyping a business use case which would benefit from using a blockchain like iota.

anyone else interested enough to join effort ?

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what I managed to do sofar:
-hack an html5 existing wallet app to make it work a bit better
-hack another app written in nodejs and for sending transfers to make if also send messages and run on an arm soc based prototyping board

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I play on blockchain systems very often. Lately a lot of people have asked me about Iota. Are you interested in integrating Iota with Khadas products, or are you just interested in building on Iota?

Did you get something running on Vim2?

I’m pretty sure that we can’t get IRI running on a Vim because it is Java and very, very beefy. But, I am pretty sure that we should be able to do the POW needed to send transfers and messages on Vim or similar.

Yes, I’m interested in joining with you.


good to hear from you, tks !
using nodejs, i manage to run an iota client app on a beaglebone (equivalent of a rpi), i am fully confident that it will also run ok on vim1 as it does not do pow locally (relying on a full node of the tangle for that)

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according to
prepreqs for IRI are
install maven and java8
then apply compilation procedure

but I’m a bit afraid that maven will require to run in a GUI, which I do not want and do not have on my VIM1…
any comment @faddat ?

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Using your iota client app is it possible to put through transactions?

I’ve seen this:

Which looks really cool. I take it that client devices are dependent on an IRI instance to process their proofs of work… And I’m wondering if it is possible to securely share an IRI instance in the cloud. I’ll look into it, and if it is, I’ll put up a node and provide users here with its address. I’m quite eager to learn more about the exact mechanics of iota.

I’ve heard both very positive and very negative things about it, so my own opinion more or less doesn’t exist at this point ;).

just in case someone would like to dive deeper :wink:
here are my code trees

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i am being writing a mobile phonegap test app to read a qr code and do insertion of a transaction in the tangle, with pow done in the cloud