Introduction to building Android images

Hi guys, I am in need of Creating a custom Android image,
And beside the Given details on khadas docs, I have some other questions,

  • Since I am building on my laptop on a VM, storage space and performance comes at a great cost,
    what are the Minimum requisites to build an Android image ?

I have a i3-1005G1 @ 3.36GHz (of which From the four total cores two logical cores are given to the VM)
Along with 3.5 GB of Ram and 80GB of storage in the form of the internal SSD,
@superceleron I could use your experience here

  • I am using the Ubuntu 20.04 Focal image would this be compatible ?

I hope some of our communities Elders could help me :slight_smile:
@hyphop, @Terry @numbqq some of your help could be used as well

well let me tell you be prepared to take a looooooooonnnnnnggggggg time with that hw and inside a VM.
In the past i used a 2017 hp laptop with ubuntu 64bit 18.04.4, 16gb ram and a i5 no VM… and that took around 3h30 to compile, so expect to be like double that if not more.
The Ram is not enough, min 8gb… also 80gb is not enough, min 150gb.
So my recommendation, if you have big enough SSD or you lappy support 2 SSD’s install ubuntu for real and not inside a VM.
On OS side, i cant talk about ubuntu 20.04 since i still didn’t try it.
Right now i use my own build compile pc, that is a dual xeon 24 threads(its old xeons from 2010, it was cheap lol like 10$ the cpu, and the ram was like 15$) with 48gb ram, and 512gb ssd only for OS and 2 HDD’s 1tb and 2tb.


the most important thing was not said what kind of project? unless of course a secret :grin:


Hmm, guess I have to halt my work and wait until I get my hands on some sufficiently powerful Hardware,
You Know that on a college budget you can only buy so much :upside_down_face:, need more funds to be able to do anything intensive like this, better stick to modded Ubuntu firmware in fenix builds I guess.

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A Lightweight version of Android like OxygenOS, but more Optimized, the rest is under work, :smile:

OK! anyway good luck to you :wink:

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Thank you, Will definitely work on it, Maybe I will try to Modify the existing Android ROM to make it more optimized :slightly_smiling_face:, but will see on more of that later

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Ye i get you :frowning:
i have 2 of my 4 kids in university now and i see how much they struggle with budget.
(i help a lot of course but… with big limits…)
Anyway good luck.


it seems that one can hire some beefy online services for that, there is no need to own a mega computer forever, just rent some cloud based computing power for a few days

check this out :
I did not try myself, if you ask

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I would just a VM in aws or Google cloud… You get about 300 usd in GCP. You can get a 8 core machine for 1 usd per hour…

Use 18.04 0r 16.04 those are much more compatible… Use a cloud VM to compile

Hmm, yes I too though cloud computing could be done, since I am a student, I should be able to get some cloud computing available at low prices, and also Github has a few coupons for student who are entering into the whole “maker island”, some of those include a 2 month cloud service which could be useful.