Interesting thing

Is it possible to install Windows on Khadas VIM?

It is really a interesting question :slight_smile:

Sorry to say that it’s almost impossible for VIM to support Windows Desktop, but for Windows IoT, which has been ported to RPi by Windows Company still possible(should be done by Windows) for ARM SoC.

MS just made some progress with a simulation layer for ARM, but it’s still far away from maturity.

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MS is preparing Snapdragon 835 for Windows, but i do believe it will be the only soc that will run it, at least for now.

They’ve had Windows Rt, that turned out to be a failure, so i don’t think they will support many devices.

I think Gnu/Linux has advantage in arm world, only thing that is missing is proper Linux support from the hardware manufacturers, we need to be able to use all of the potential these devices have.

Maybe we will be able to choose any OS to run on any hardware one day, just like you can do it on almost any x86/64 pc, but for now the future doesn’t look bright.