Integrating VPN module from Wireguard into a custom ATV9 S905 X3 supported ROM

Hi ,

We’ve managed to root [v8] Aidan’s ROM [S905X3] [ATV 9] (HK1 Box VONTAR X3 Transpeed X3 Air H96 MAX X3) and we are building a custom ROM that integrates a VPN module from Wireguard repository on ARMv7l from android_kernel_wireguard - Android ROM directory for WireGuard inclusion in the kernel, and remaking the image again for launching it on a box with ATV9 S905 X3. if it is possible from your part to share with us the kernel tree source or with some of your help, an already integrated ROM with Wireguard if possible. Note that Google already published an Android common kernel under Android 12 with Wireguard support, see here Log - refs/heads/android12-5.4 - kernel/common - Git at Google.

We’ve also seen that you are already offering some custom made motherboards which are interesting for our cae . I would like to know if it is possible to share with me the source code of this kernel. (Amlogic S905X3).

If not, any suggestions or advice that might help are welcomed.
Waiting to hear back from you.

We don’t have product with S905X2 SoC, so we don’t have the source code.

The product that we’re working with is Amlogic S905X3 and not the S905X2

Sorry, my misstake, we also don’t have S905X3 product, we only have VIM3L with S905D3.